Automatic Back Linking P-2

Before starting some precautionary measures:

Building a ton of back links to your site quickly is perfectly fine. Though there are some things that you will need to do before you start to ensure that your site does not get sandboxes by Google for abnormal behavior.

The first thing is that you must make sure that your site is indexed in Google first before you begin getting a ton of quick automated links. It is best to do this by getting a handful of links from authority sites like Scribed, Digger Mix. You just want a handful to start with to get you indexed.

The second thing is that you may want to make sure that your site has a few quality blog posts first (about 5 to 10). This may be a requirement of some of the sites that we will be using.

Checking if your site is indexed in Google:

1-Go to Google search and type your site >> site: your << and click on Search button.

2-you will find a line under the search like as >> about *** results (*.**Seconds) << and also your site in Google search page.

If your site is indexed, you should see at least one result coming from your site, Remember to get a handful of links from authority sites as well before you begin this link building system.

The truth about the follow status of links:

In this system, you will find that some of the links we build will be follow, while others will be no-follow. I won’t go into detail about what follow or no-follow links are. There are a lot of other resources regarding that…

But I just want to say that there are advantages to having a mixture of follow and no-follow links. The first advantage is that it makes your link building look much more natural to Google. A person who is only getting follow links to their site will most probably look suspicious.

Next, Google may observe the no-follow link convention, but other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing may not. With Bing being quite a legitimate competitor to Google, you might want to consider that.

And one more reason why we are building a mixture of both follow and no-follow links is because this system is not all about just link juice.

Apart from getting link juice that will help you rank higher in the search engines, getting back links from a variety of sites will help to increase your chances of getting targeted traffic, exposure, as well as the possibility of those web properties ranking in the search engines for particular keywords and getting you additional traffic. 구글광고대행

Some of the sites that we will be getting back links from practice something called link redirection. An example of this is the use of URL shortening, like with free services such as In such cases, the URL you are targeting is not directly linked to, but the URL shows itself as one from another site that redirects to your intended web link.

When it comes to the sites we are using for building back links, most of them use a 301 redirect to link to your site. This means that you still get all the link juice that is due to you. It is exactly the same as if you had an explicit link. So, don’t worry about this if you encounter it.

Some people think that if they can’t find their back links in Yahoo Site Explorer that means that the links weren’t indexed and are useless. That is totally not true…

The reason being that Yahoo Site Explorer and most other search engines only show you a fraction of the back links you actually have to prevent you from spamming. Yahoo only shows about 10 to 20% of the back links you get, and there are many other links that it chooses not to show as well.

If you create a back link, you ping it, the search engines will definitely, surely find it and count it as more power to you sooner or later… Don’t rely on looking at the number of back links to your site. It’s inaccurate!

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