Dating Women Has Never Been Easy – Until Now

Useful tips for dating women
The dating guide for men

Dating is not difficult. You guys don’t have to work your butts off as long as you know which buttons to push. First, as a woman myself, I want to tell you some small facts about us.

1. We like to work for it and what we want is a challenge.

2. We want our guy to be confident, but NOT arrogant. Fine line there guys.

3. We always prefers it if you are interested, but not too interested and not right away.

4. We want to be flattered, but we do not like phony ones

6. By all means, don’t brag or enlighten us about your previous dating with other women.

7. Be polite! We hate it when you’re not.

8. What we dislike even more is when you grope us. Just don’t do that, ok?

9. If you make us laugh, we’ll remember you and want more contact.

10. We just love men who manage to make us feel like the most attractive and special girl in the room.

11. We worship men who’re fascinating, charming and appealing. If you have a way with words then that’s just perfect!

If nothing on the dating list above applies to you, if you are not appealing or excellent with words, don’t sweat it. It’s why I’m here. This article is for educating you guys about the art of dating.

But back to business. The key to dating is: You have to pursue women in a subtle way without seeming to be interested in them. Complicated? A little but you’ll get used to it. Dating rule number one is to have her believe you’re not that into her. For example, you walk into a bar and you are on the look out for a girl to start dating. There are lots of women there, but on in particular catches your eye. She is beautiful, sexy and the hottest girl in there. You really want her, you want to start dating her maybe, but instead of approaching here you most likely think something like: “She’s all the way out of my league. Lets settle for the plain girl over there.” If you are thinking this then you are committing your first, and maybe worst, mistake. In the world of dating, cowardice is a no-no and confidence is something you gotta have. What I want to teach you, is how you walk up to the hottest girl in the room and not feel like you are dying. I’m guessing you want to know how? Let me explain the secret to you. กลุมลับ

When you go into this room and you notice the drop-dead-gorgeous blonde at the bar, it’s very likely that she is used to lots of guys hitting on her and she’s probably had enough of lousy dating and stupid comments. She wont appreciate you being rude, or giving her the wrong type of attention. Trust me on this. Guys have had busy hands around me more times than I want to remember, and I must have been the subject for all the pick up lines known to man, and I have news for you…. It’s not that cool. We never ever begin dating guys who does that. Your goal is for her to think about you after you leave. Not because you were acting like a horny teenager, but because you were funny and charming. I know you feel like dating all the gorgeous women out there, and if you do, follow my advice. It will definitively help you. So let us pretend the girl is standing by the bar. One way you can do this is to arrange yourself to be close to her, right next to her is even better, glance at her once (ONLY her face) then look away. Act as if you’re not interested in her. When a sexy girl is being ignored, she becomes curious and attention seeking. Trust me, I am the exact same way. When you have done this, you will have her attention and she will want you to notice her. This is exactly what you want! This is the first step of getting girls to go out with you, and once you have mastered this the rest is easy. In my next article I will tell you more about how to get her to say yes.


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