Don’t Be a Noob – Learning the Rules of Table Football

Whether you are putting a table football setup in your home or you are just playing down at the bar, you’ll find that table football, or foosball, as it is often called, is something that comes with its own set of rules, just like the real game! There’s more to it than spinning the handles, and if you want to play well and to play fairly there are a number of different things that you need to keep in mind.

First, let’s start with the kick off. If there is hole on the side of the board, a third person might push it through, but if you do not have one, the ball should be placed under the foot of any five bar figure. This is the player who is going to do the kick off, and it should not happen until both players have agreed that they are ready. One rule that is very popular is that you need to make a pass of the ball on the 5 bar before you start to do anything else with the ball. Otherwise, any goal that you score does not count and your opponent receives possession of the ball. บ้านผลบอล

There are several rules of the table football game that you are going to need to learn if you are going to be a good player. For instance, if the ball ends up leaving table, it goes back to the player who served it for another 5 bar kick off. If the ball comes to stop between the 2 bar and the goal, you should have a kick off played from the 2 bar, though if the ball falls dead anywhere else, it is going to need to go back to the 5 bar.

When do you score when you are playing table football? Any player on the field can score a goal, and if the ball enters the goal but bounces out, that will still count as a goal. The question of whether you can score a goal against yourself (something that happens quite often when you are dealing with new players) is something that should be decided on before you start the game. Some people feel that you should not be able to score goals against yourself period, while other people feel that if you score a goal against yourself due to an infringement of the rules by the other player that it should count against them in a deduction of points!

Table football, like any game or sport, does have it’s problems with noobs, people who don’t know the game, and are unwilling to learn. Most generously, they will figure it out at some point and get better, but some people remain noobs for their entire lives. Some noobish behavior that you might recognize will include lifting the table while the ball is in play, banging or jarring it, or even kicking or bumping it. If the ball is in play, they might blow on it or even put their hands on the playing field, actions that are not allowed.


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